Harvest honey, beeswax and royal jelly

1. Time to harvest honey

Want honey to meet standards should be harvested when the bees have taken the wax to screw the lid of the honey receptacles. Only then will the bee’s honey process be completed, will the quality ensure and can be preserved for many years without fear of spoilage.Harvest honey, beeswax and royal jelly
However, in production to wait for bees to screw up 100% before harvesting honey, it will prolong time, affecting the performance of the bee. Experience in beekeeping shows that when the honey bee bridge is screwed on over 70% of the total holes of honey, the harvest will not affect the quality of honey. Because of that, young honey is not harvested, that is, honey has just been filled by workers’ nest holes without screws. Harvesting young bile has a high ratio of water in bile, poor storage capacity, often crystallization phenomenon. Young honey usually has a water ratio of 35-50%, so it is easy to be infected with bacteria, it can easily spoil and cannot be preserved for long.

2. How to harvest honey

Currently, the popular way to harvest honey is to use a drum to rotate honey, using centrifugal force to shoot honey out from the hole of the honeycomb. After checking the colony of bees, whichever meets the harvest standards, they will be roasted. To perform the secret rotation, the following operations are required:
– The place where the honey roasting bins should be placed should be far from the hive at a good level of isolation. It is best that the honey roasting barrel is placed in a short wide screen that does not allow bees to fly into the barrel to collect honey.Harvest honey, beeswax and royal jelly
– The honey bridge turns honey after taking it out of the barrel, using a knife to cut the lid to screw the hole, pay attention to cut thin enough to cut the lid, not to cut the honeycomb hole deeply.
– Depending on the rotating barrel, each can install 2 bridges, 3 bridges, 4 bee bridges. Install the first time to turn all the molasses on the opposite side of the bridge. The honey rotator must pay close attention to shoot at a highly efficient speed.Harvest honey, beeswax and royal jelly
– After the honey is turned, the bee bridge is returned to the bee colony according to the original position of the bees. Note that before turning the bridge number, you must place the bridge in the same order when returning it.
– After turning, the honey should be filtered to remove all kinds of waste mixed in such as bee carcasses, wax wicks, dirty foam … and then poured into closed honey containers for preservation.