Over the past years, beekeeping for honey has developed strongly with farm households. In order to raise honey bees for high efficiency, breeders need to pay attention to breeding techniques from breeding selection, site selection, princess creation … to honey harvesting. Here, the Editorial Board would like to introduce to you the technique of keeping honey bees (like domestic bees).Selection of breeding bees

I. Selection of breeding bees

– The breed of bees must have a clear origin; Queen bee under 6 months old; not infected with larvae; the army was parked on 2 decks; New nest cake, yellow color and has enough eggs, larvae, nymphs, honey reserves.

– Barrels and bee bridges meet the standards of the size.

II. Basic beekeeping techniques

1. Choose a location for beekeeping

– Close to honey and pollen sources, the effective foraging distance from beehives to food sources is about 500 – 700 m.

– The place to place the bee box should be flat, dry, cool in summer, warm in winter, not flooded in the rainy season; In the condition where there are sufficient sources of honey and chalk, it is recommended to place bee colonies with a density of 40 herds / ha, the distance between flocks is at least 2 km for flocks with a maximum size of 100 barrels.

2. Raising tools

– Bee box: Made of dry wood or suitable materials, the inner dimensions are 46.5 cm (length) x 38 cm (width) x 24.5 cm (height), with windows for convenience when moving. bees.Selection of breeding bees

– Other tools: net hat, princess set, foot set, honey filter, honey knife, honey barrel …

3. Create god

Purpose: Create new queen bees to multiply bees, replace old queen bee, queen bee of sick herd.

* Method:

– Use natural divider hats: In the natural split bee season, choose big, long, straight royal hats from large, healthy colonies. Use a sharp knife to cut the base of the princess hat 1.5 cm in a V-shape to attach to the bees that need replacing.

– Creation of god-level creation: Choose herd according to standards: large swarm, high bile yield, no larvae infection, gentle to create princess.

+ Procedure: Remove god from the herd, remove 1-2 bridges, after 2-3 days, check and remove all princess hats on the surface of the nest cake and screwed princess hats, feed the bees 3-4pm continuously, after 9-10 days, cut the ripe royal hats for use.

– Creation of a queen bee: When the number of bees in the camp is 10 or more, creating a queen by the method of genetics is necessary to be proactive in terms of time, quantity and quality of the queen.

+ Prepare tools to create princess: The lord of 7 – 7.5 cm diameter, the bridge of the princess, the needles, the cap screw wax …

+ Select mother herd: According to herd standards to breed.

+ Select breeding herds: East army, not get sick, reserve much chalk, have signs of natural division. Separate the queen from the nurturing herd and reduce the bridge to strengthen the worker bees nourish the queen bee larvae, feed the bees more.

Selection of breeding bees

4. Divide the flock

– Parallel division: Is dividing an original colony into two new hives placed parallel to each other evenly spaced from the original position.

+ Conduct: In the afternoon, when the weather is warm and sunny, bring a bucket without clean short boards, placed next to the herd to divide and divide the number of bridges, number of troops, number of children (eggs, larvae, pupae) awake eat about 2 colonies. Place 2 parallel barrels of bees on both sides and about 20-30 cm away from the old flock, it is necessary to know clearly which queen bee is in order to introduce the queen to the queen. Observe the bees coming home from work, if any flock comes back much need to move away and put the other flock close. In case bees still return to 1 flock after adjusting, they need to change positions of 2 groups. Note if the divider uses a royal hat, when the lord has learned to fly, it is not allowed to adjust the position of the divider.

– Separation of the colony: A method of dividing a colony in half like dividing a group of bees in parallel or separating a part of the herd and then moving to a new place about 1 km or more away from the old colony.

+ Procedure: Bring the barrel not placed next to the instrument to divide. Half or a part of the herd with bridges with cap, chalk, and cubes being separated, the army covers the bridge and put them in a bucket to a place with clear terrain, so let the flock introduce the queen cap, in case of introducing the crown The herd moved away should introduce the queen hat after the bees have been moved to a new place.