Bee stings are often swollen on the skin surface, if you are not a bee familiar, you should not touch them. Here are 10 things you should not do or limit. Get stung if you try to intimidate them, equip the following methods to apply in real situations.

1. Do not spray perfume

In other words, don’t let you smell like a flower. Bees can detect and follow that strong scent, and perfumery will attract bees and wasps looking for nectar.

Once they find the place of (you) floral scent, they can investigate by landing on your skin or buzzing around your body.Simple ways to avoid bee stings

2. Avoid wearing brightly colored, flower-printed clothing

This is like the first – don’t imitate like a flower. That’s why beekeepers wear white clothes. If you are wearing bright colors, you are inviting bees to land.

Wear outdoors in khaki, white, beige, or other bright colors if you don’t want to attract bees.Simple ways to avoid bee stings

3. Be careful what you eat outside

Sugar-sweetened foods and beverages are sure to attract bees and wasps. Before taking a sip of soda, look                    inside the can or glass to make sure there are no bees “swimming” in it as you drink. Fruit also attracts bees, so            be careful when eating ripe fruit outdoors.Simple ways to avoid bee stings

4. Don’t walk barefoot

Bees may be taking nectar from clover and other small flowers on your lawn, and some wasps nest in the ground.

If you walk in or near a bee, it will think it is provocation and will sting you. Wearing shoes while walking in the garden is to prevent bad situations.Simple ways to avoid bee stings