What tools should be used to care for bees

Bee care is a regular task of beekeepers, so first of all, must buy all the necessary tools for themselves and for the following bees:

  • Water bowl to support the foot of the bee barrel against ants.
  • Trays for bee feeding.
  • Spray spray (small hand held like a haircut perfume spray) to spray the bee room, spray cool water in hot weather.
  • Bee brush.
  • God imprisonment.
  • Kim diemesis.

In addition, when taking care of bees, beekeepers have to have enough tools, clothes, work gloves, and those who are unfamiliar or heavy need a face shield when approaching the wild bees to take care of.What tools should be used to care for bees

Some conditional beekeepers also have a magnifying glass to check for larvae, pests in the foot of the floor when necessary, tools to repair the bridge, bee box, etc.

The structure of honey roasting barrel

The honey roasting barrel is the most expensive of all beekeeping instruments. Honey rotary barrels are made of corrugated iron or aluminum, and there are places to make wood touch like wooden barrels carrying water. The rotating frame can put 2 bridges, 3 bridges or 4 bees at the same time depending on the number of bees. On the top of the barrel, there are a pair of serrations to move horizontally along the crank to the reading rotation of the rotating frame. The inside of the barrel must be polished and clean so that when the honey is shot, it will flow quickly to the bottom of the barrel and follow the tap to flow out where there is a bottle of honey available.

What tools should be used to care for bees

In the structure of the rotating barrel, the most important thing is that the gear system is calculated so that the gear diameter of the rotating frame, creating a fast rotation speed of the rotating frame, the fast rotation speed will have a large centrifugal force to shoot honey bees in the bunker holes. The rotation speed must be enough to shoot the honey out, if the rotation is too fast, the larvae will be shot out, damaging the bee floor. If the shoot is too slow, the honey will not shoot at all, the harvest will be low.

The honey roasting box used for many honey bee colonies depends on the specified honey rotation schedule, usually a bee farm with more than 100 colonies should have a separate honey rotary tank. In cases where a house has less than 100 herds, many households share a single face-facing barrel, and can be used for many benefits, saving investment and procurement costs.

Nowadays, the mechanization conditions exist, so it is possible to use the electric motors and waste gear systems of the machines for easy fabrication. However, in order to have a suitable rotation speed, it is necessary to calculate from the speed of the motor and gears so that it is reasonable.